Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer Retires

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After nearly a decade of leadership as the Co-Chair of CCRA, Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer retired on June 30th. Dr. Stephen Robbins, on behalf of the CCRA membership, acknowledged Dr. Eisenhauer’s extraordinary contribution in facilitating the growth and formalizing the mandate of the Alliance.

Dr. Eisenhauer joined as Co-Chair in 2008 and soon afterwards recognized the need to develop a pan-Canadian cancer research strategy that would unite cancer research funders around common areas of interest and help advance the science. The Pan-Canadian Cancer Research Strategy was a landmark document in the evolution of the Alliance’s efforts to facilitate collaboration around important research areas. Dr. Eisenhauer also wrote the seminal Report on the State of Cancer Clinical Trials in Canada, which laid the foundation for the creation of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN). In addition, she provided visionary leadership for the inaugural Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC) and ensured its tradition as a forum that brings together researchers of all stripes to encourage dialogue and spark cross-disciplinary partnerships.

Although a clinician researcher, Dr. Eisenhauer has contributed her expertise to areas as diverse as tobacco control and palliative/end-of-life care and will continue, post-CCRA, to provide her wisdom and energy to these important areas within the cancer continuum. Best wishes, Elizabeth. The CCRA membership will miss you, but look forward to continued interactions during your ongoing activities.