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Co-chairs of the CCRA Board  

Elizabeth Eisenhauer, MD, FRCPC, is the Expert Lead, CCRA and Partnerships for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Head, Department of Oncology, at Queen's University, and Program Medical Director, Oncology at Kingston General Hospital.       Stephen Robbins, PhD, is the Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute for Cancer Research and Professor, Departments of Oncology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, at the University of Calgary. Dr. Robbins was elected from among the organizational representatives.

The Board is comprised of 15 members. There are 13 organization representatives: three representatives from the largest federal government cancer research funding agencies, three representatives from the largest provincial cancer research funding agencies/organizations, three representatives from the largest voluntary sector/charitable cancer research funding agencies/organizations, one representative from the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies, one representative from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and two representatives elected from the broader membership. There are two non-scientific members, representing patients/survivors/families affected by cancer, who are elected through a nomination process.

Organizational Representatives

  • Dr. Lucille Beaudet, Scientific Director, Cancer Research Society 
  • Dr. Cindy Bell, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development, Genome Canada 
  • Dr. Heather Bryant, Chief Scientific Officer, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Dr. Stuart Edmonds, Vice President, Research, Health Promotion and Survivorship
  • Ms. Laura Kilcrease, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Innovates
  • Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan, Director R & D (Acting) - Immunobiology, National Research Council
  • Dr. Victor Ling, President and Scientific Director, The Terry Fox Foundation 
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Director of the Network for Cancer Research, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé 
  • Dr. Sri Navaratnam, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba, representing the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies
  • Ms. Myka Osinchuk, CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation 
  • Dr. Stephen Robbins, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Cancer Research 
  • Dr. Christine Williams, Deputy Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
  • Dr. Michael Wortzman, Assistant Director, Research Programs, Canadian Cancer Society

Patient/Survivor/Family Representatives

  • Ms. Diana Ermel
  • Mr. Patrick Sullivan